Visiting 50R


On a recent trip to Lockhart to shoot some guns, and filled with delicious BBQ from Kreuz Market, I headed over to Lockhart Municipal (50R) to check out what was there. Twenty minutes later, I can confidently report that it has fuel, an instructor, a mechanic, and a courtesy car. That last part is muy importante as Lockhart bills itself as the BBQ Capital of Texas. And if you fly to Lockhart, you’ll need a car. Because there’s BBQ there and it needs to be eaten.


AirNav has the important technical data for you. I found the local folks at the airport to be very kind (we’re in Texas, duh). The courtesy car is available if you buy some gas, and you should because it was $5.72/gallon when I visited (9-14-13).


With an average of 48 operations per day, it isn’t an ideal plane spotting location, but sunny weekends might prove me wrong.

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