Garmin Pilot’s Latest Update Matches ForeFlight’s On-Map Chart Display



When it comes to EFB apps for general aviation on the iPad ForeFlight seems to be the top of the heap in terms of users. One of the primary reasons why people say they prefer ForeFlight is the ability to overlay instrument approach plates over the sectional and enroute charts providing a great deal of situational awareness for instrument pilots when setting up and shooting an approach. Garmin Pilot has been steadily catching up to ForeFlight in terms of features, and with their latest pre-Oshkosh release they’ve now knocked that advantage off the ever-shortening list.

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FlightPro App Stops Updating Charts Amid Apparent Internal Scuffle


For the latest information, check the newer article at this link.

FlightPro was the very first aviation app I tried for the Android tablet. I love Android, and while it seems like most the aviation world is running on Apple devices I just can’t justify switching over to the dark side. FlightPro is an app that sports all the planning, navigation, and situation awareness features you’d want from an electronic flight bag, and does it with a slick marketing campaign and fairly intuitive design. I’ve personally moved over to Garmin Pilot these days, and it seems like that move might have been a good idea. Because FlightPro has stopped putting out updates, and no one knows when they will resume.

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