Review: Delta SkyClub at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

Austin is officially the second fastest growing airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic. Considering the economic and population explosion of the city in the last decade, that isn’t surprising. Thankfully the airport is taking some proactive steps to help ease that growth, namely adding more gates and a new entire wing of the airport. And in the middle of that wing is one of the things my wife has been the most excited about: Delta’s new SkyClub.

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Review: TWA Hotel at JFK

Opened in 1962 at the peak of the jet age, the Trans World Airlines Flight Center at New York City’s JFK Airport is the epitome of 1960’s design aesthetic. Designed by Eero Saarinen, it housed TWA’s operations at the airport from its opening until TWA was purchased by American Airlines in 2001 when it shuttered its doors along with the airline. The building has since been surrounded by JetBlue’s new terminal, and has been sitting empty ever since. Until now.

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Field Report: University Park Airport (KUNV)


Nestled in bucolic “Happy Valley” Pennsylvania, the University Park Airport is the closest large commercial airfield to The Pennsylvania State University. The airfield operates regularly scheduled┬áregional flights out of the commercial aviation terminal, but just to the east of that on the field is the General Aviation terminal which acts as the FBO for private aircraft. The location of the airfield smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania makes it very appealing for pilots looking for a quick fuel stop, and the long runway and ILS landing system put this strip on the list for my top favorite airports in the United States to visit. Whether you’re just passing through or spending some time in Happy Valley this airport is a wonderful gateway to central Pennsylvania.

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Field Report: KPVC Provincetown Municipal Airport


Located on the furthest tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown Municipal Airport is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and offers one of the more challenging experiences available for pilots of small airplanes. The location essentially in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean means high winds and frequently gusty conditions prevail most of the year, and unpredictable conditions on short final are not uncommon. Your reward for making the journey, however, is well worth the risk: instead of a three hour car ride from Providence, Massachussets to the town of Provincetown on Cape Cod, your travel time is only about 30 minutes each way. Especially during the summers, avoiding the madness that is Route 6A might be well worth the challenge and the expense.

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Field Report: KMVY Martha’s Vineyard


Located just off the south coast of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is a favorite vacation destination for many New Englanders as well as President Obama. The main airport servicing Martha’s Vineyard is KMVY, which is conveniently located smack dab in the center of the island. With beautiful scenery on the approach to the airport and charming fishing villages located within a short distance of the field, KMVY makes for a very attractive day trip or vacation destination.

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Field Report: KSHV Shreveport Regional Airport


There are two airports located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The more convenient one for general aviation pilots is the Downtown Airport (KDTW), but the FBO there doesn’t operate 24/7 and the tower closes at night. For those arriving late (as I was, arriving unannounced at 11 PM one night) or using larger aircraft Shreveport Regional Airport operates a tower and FBO that is happy to take you in no matter when you arrive.

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