Deciphering Airline Comment Codes

Like any self respecting skynerd I use Expert Flyer when I travel to get more information about seats, upgrades, and what’s going on with my flight. I find their Flight Status function especially useful for getting more information, especially during delays when the “Additional Comments” section can be much more helpful than the gate agents themselves.

I’ve noticed that these comments sections usually are self descriptive, but sometimes they use obscure codes that can be hard to decipher. As I run into more of them and figure them out I’ll update this page.
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Review: Gyronimo Performance Pad App


Its one of the very first entries in Part 91 of the FAR, so important for every single flight that by the time my checkride came around I could recite it from memory. 91.103 requires pilots to complete the vital performance calculations for their aircraft and the specific conditions of the day to ensure that they can take off and land safely. There have been some apps to make this process easier but generally they feel clunky and complex. The folks at Gyronimo have come out with an iPad app which aims to not only make the process easier but also much more informative.

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Review: Clarity Aloft Classic Headset


A couple days ago I reviewed the QT Halo aviation headset, which is currently the top recommendation from aviators I know when it comes to in-ear headsets. That said it doesn’t exist in a vacuum — there are competitors for the crown. One of the prime candidates to unseat the QT Halos comes from a company called Clarity Aloft, and their consumer level offering is the “Classic” headset. While MSRP is about twice the price as the QT Halo it does have one very important advantage . . .

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