Plane Spotting at San Antonio International Airport

Delta Boeing 757-200 N633DL at KSAT, c Nick Leghorn
Delta Boeing 757-200 N633DL at KSAT

The San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) looks great from the air and has some great approaches into the city, but getting a picture of the action on the runways is difficult at best. There really aren’t any good places around the airport to sit and watch the planes go by, but I found an excellent spot if you’re willing to spend a few dollars.

At the airport, there are two parking options. The short term parking lot is a relatively small structure that only has two levels and is right next to the terminal, but the long term parking lot is a five story parking facility with an open air roof. On the north corner of the roof, there’s an excellent view of the field and the right lens will get you some great pictures. Parking is $12 for the day, but you only pay a couple bucks per hour.


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