Flying my Solo Cross Country

I started flight training in February. Between ground school and then primary flight training, it has taken me about eight months of instruction to get to this point — and it feels amazing. The weather was beautiful, the winds favorable, and the ATC staff was downright pleasant. Make the jump for my flight plan.


I love using VORs for navigation. My instructor wanted around 20nm between waypoints so using only VOR navaids was out of the question, but I found a way to use VORs for more than half of my flight anyway. I would have preferred to just use the centerpoint VOR (CSI) for both the SAT -> KERV and KERV -> KHYI legs, but as a simple VFR pilot it was not to be.

With this flight, I finally finished off every FAA requirement for the private pilot license. All I need is a sign-off from my flight instructor and I’m good to take the test. I can’t wait!

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