Cigar Review: Montecristo Cuban Petit Edmundo

I’m based in Austin, Texas, but three weeks ago I was in Paris, France. I had found the woman of my dreams, and as if to prove that point she also wanted a small wedding with only a few close guests. We figured that the best way to discourage the less desirable members of our family from attending the ceremony was to hold it somewhere overseas, and after visiting Paris last December we fell in love with the city and decided to hold it there. The architecture is amazing, the food is delicious, and most importantly there are Cuban cigars.

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Garmin Pilot 8.5: Now with Checklists, Weight & Balance


Garmin Pilot must be feeling the pressure from ForeFlight. In the last couple months they have significantly upped their game and released a ton of new features which, in my opinion, have not only closed the gap but actually put Garmin Pilot in the lead. I’ll do a head-to-head comparison sometime in the future but for now let’s take a look under the hood at the two latest additions.

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Review: Gyronimo Performance Pad App


Its one of the very first entries in Part 91 of the FAR, so important for every single flight that by the time my checkride came around I could recite it from memory. 91.103 requires pilots to complete the vital performance calculations for their aircraft and the specific conditions of the day to ensure that they can take off and land safely. There have been some apps to make this process easier but generally they feel clunky and complex. The folks at Gyronimo have come out with an iPad app which aims to not only make the process easier but also much more informative.

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First Flight with Pilots N Paws


I was sitting on the back patio last Sunday morning with my girlfriend idly browsing the internet when a story popped into her feed that caught her eye. It was a story about a pilot flying rescue puppies to their new home, and she thought the puppies were adorable. Smelling a chance to get her back in the air I explained that it’s an organization called Pilots N Paws where volunteers fly dogs around the country. She loved the idea, so I decided to make the jump and sign up. Four days later I was flying my first set of adorable puppies, a flight neither of us would soon forget.

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Garmin Pilot’s Latest Update Matches ForeFlight’s On-Map Chart Display



When it comes to EFB apps for general aviation on the iPad ForeFlight seems to be the top of the heap in terms of users. One of the primary reasons why people say they prefer ForeFlight is the ability to overlay instrument approach plates over the sectional and enroute charts providing a great deal of situational awareness for instrument pilots when setting up and shooting an approach. Garmin Pilot has been steadily catching up to ForeFlight in terms of features, and with their latest pre-Oshkosh release they’ve now knocked that advantage off the ever-shortening list.

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Review: Clarity Aloft Classic Headset


A couple days ago I reviewed the QT Halo aviation headset, which is currently the top recommendation from aviators I know when it comes to in-ear headsets. That said it doesn’t exist in a vacuum — there are competitors for the crown. One of the prime candidates to unseat the QT Halos comes from a company called Clarity Aloft, and their consumer level offering is the “Classic” headset. While MSRP is about twice the price as the QT Halo it does have one very important advantage . . .

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Flying with FIS-B: Why I’ll Never Leave The Ground Without It


With the implementation of ADS-B in the United States there’s suddenly a lot more information available for pilots to consume while in the air. Previously you’d need a subscription to something like Sirius XM weather to get updates on what the clouds look like along your route but now the FAA is providing a service that is just as good if not better and completely free of charge through something called FIS-B (Flight Information Service Broadcast). Over the last couple months I’ve been enjoying the benefits of that through a Garmin GDL-39 and without a doubt it has changed the way I fly for the better. One specific flight a couple weeks ago really showed where having FIS-B available is a major benefit.

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Review: QT Halo Aviation Headset


There’s little doubt that David Clark’s H10 headset is the gold standard for general aviation. When I started flight training that was the very first purchase I made, and over the years they have served me well. For short hops around the local area they really can’t be beat — they are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and do a great job of blocking out the engine noise so you can focus on communicating on the radios. But as soon as my flights started pushing past the two hour mark I realized that I needed something better. That’s when I decided to give the Halo headset from Quiet Technologies a try.

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Aviation Tablets: Android Nexus versus Apple iPad


I haven’t been flying very long, but over my short life in aviation I’ve watched as tablets and their aviation apps have exploded in popularity. When I started flight school the older pilots regarded my Garmin Pilot enabled Android tablet as not much better than a shiny toy, but these days even the crustiest of the old guard have begrudgingly accepted that a good electronic flight bag (EFB) might be the single mot important piece of safety equipment that a pilot can bring with them in the air. For those who haven’t made the jump and invested in an EFB just yet, there’s a choice to be made which can have a massive impact on their experience and the capabilities of their device: should you get an Android or Apple iOS tablet?

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Garmin Pilot for Android Updates to Version 5: Here’s What’s New


Garmin Pilot is the only real option for a full featured navigation suite on the Android platform, but it looks like they aren’t resting on their laurels. In the last major update they added train and obstacle identification into their database, and while 5.0 doesn’t have many big new features it does sport a brand new user interface. Gone are the huge buttons on the screen, replaced with a more Android-esque hamburger menu and other nice UI improvements that do make it easier to navigate around the app while in the air.

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