With Blackjack! And Hookers!

My name is Nick Leghorn, I’m one of the writers at The Truth About Guns. It’s the single most popular firearms publication in the world, with more monthly readers than any other blog or magazine. And while guns are my life, flying is a dream that I’ve always had. I’ve been flying around the world since before I was 1 year old, and while commercial aviation is nice my dream has always been to become a private pilot.

I tried to get a spin-off of TTAG running, one that would focus on flying, but there wasn’t much interest. I even tried hooking up with existing flying blogs, but again no one seemed interested. So just like TTAG did a few years back, I’m starting my own blog. With blackjack. And hookers.

With this blog, I plan to document my journey from pilot wannabe to IFR rating, along with documenting my travels and things I’ve learned about the aviation industry. I love talking about flying in all of its flavors, and hopefully you (my future readers) will love hearing about it just as much.

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